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Hi, I am "Apple" , founder of AppleChineseOnline and I am from Beijing. I was a professional book editor for 7 years when I was in China. I am an experienced and Certified Mandarin teacher in the United States. If you want to learn the Chinese language of Mandarin easily and efficiently but are unable to travel to China and benefit from all the advantages of learning within the country with qualified native teachers, my CreateSpace Paper published Chinese learning books and personal online or in-home tutoring services  would be a great choice for you! It can make your dreams come true by helping you reach your Chinese language goals in an easy and cost effective manner! My Chinese books and online mandarin Chinese tutoring service are designed for beginners and Intermediate level Chinese learners. Anyone who is interested in learning basic Chinese (pinyin, conversation, grammar) or Chinese characters (hàn zì-汉字), will find it useful. It is a great choice for travelers, business peoples, students, or Chinese culture fans.


Currently, I have the following Chinese books published: 

 Practical Chinese Grammar(ISBN-13: 978-1456456115)
 Common Chinese Words that are Often Confused(ISBN-13: 978-1495339547)
 Easy Learning : Chinese Characters(ISBN-13: 978-1456416348) 

Easy Learning : Popular Chinese Sayings, Proverbs and Slangs (ISBN-13: 978-1495470981)


 Quickly Master Essential Chinese Vocabulary for Beginners to Intermediate Learners (English and Chinese Edition) (ISBN-13: 978-1480172258)

 Popular Chinese Slang free textbook recording 

The following will be published soon: 

 Master Chinese Pronunciation (Pinyin) free teaching program
New Chinese 900 Series free teaching program
Practical Chinese Daily Dialogue +free teaching program

  Audio book for Quickly Master Essential Chinese Vocabulary for Beginners to Intermediate Learners (ISBN-13: 978-1480172258)

Please read My Publications (Paper Version Only) for details.

   Chinese Language Learning book recommendations:  

   Common Chinese Words that are Often Confused    Easy Learning : Chinese Characters   Quickly Master Essential Chinese Vocabulary for Beginners to Intermediate Learners       Practical Chinese Grammar  


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