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About Us

Owner of AppleChineseOnline:
Mandarin Chinese teacher in VA at a Chinese School in the United States. Professional editor and author on the subject of online teaching and Chinese language book writing and publishing. Been Certified by Educational Testing Service of the United States in Chinese Language Oral (Superior) and Writing Ability (Advanced High).

Hi my friends!  I am the teacher and founder of Apple Chinese Online! I grew up in Beijing, I am a Beijinger! I am a professional editor, a part time English translator and a part time Mandarin teacher. I have been conferred by the Ministry of Personnel P.R. China as a Certified Editor in the Publishing Specialty.

I started teaching Chinese when I was a sophomore in college. From then on I've kept it as a part time job and also as a hobby. My first student was an Australian who was an electrical engineer and worked for Nestle (China). He studied practical Chinese and a little business Chinese from me. After he finished my Chinese lessons, he mastered basic spoken Chinese to solve the common language problems in daily life in Beijing. He likes "Beijing hua" (Mandarin Chinese) very much! My second student was a guy from New York. He used to study Chinese from a tutor from "Si Chuan" (a province in south of China). During my first lesson for him, I found he has a strong "Si Chuan & American" accent. I helped him correct many pronunciation errors. I want my students to master standard Chinese pronunciation so I put my full effort forward to help them. My third student was a guy from Boston. He has mastered Pinyin and is very interested in learning Chinese characters. I used the material I wrote to teach him, the result was very good, he has mastered many basic Chinese characters and most often used Chinese words. In our lessons, we discussed the similarity between Chinese radicals' meaning and some of the English words' prefix, suffix or letter combination which has a meaning. We can see that different languages still share something meaningful.

I have experience of teaching kids too. One of my young students was a 7 year old American girl. I taught her to write Chinese characters online. It is always fun to teach children because they have very good memory learning languages. The major problem her dad wanted me to correct was the stroke order of writing characters. In fact, that is really not a big deal. Within 40 minutes, she mastered 8 new characters in my class with correct pronunciation, meaning and writing. Other experience with kids is my own niece, she was 6 years old and she learned some Chinese words from an American cartoon on TV. I watched the cartoon with her, it is pretty funny. She does not need to learn the writing of characters but she can remember the words and say some easy Chinese sentences. That is pretty amazing. I lived with her for 1 week and each day through common conversation, I taught her 2 to 3 Chinese words, to my surprise, by the end of my holiday, she mastered all the words I taught her. So to my conclusion, the time of one’s childhood is the golden time to learn a foreign language.

In my lessons, my students also can learn singing Chinese songs. I like singing songs so I like to teach them some Chinese classic or pop songs. Learning to sing Chinese songs and enjoying Chinese music make my lessons to them very relaxing and special. From learning the lyrics of the songs, my students have more interest in learning Chinese and also can improve Chinese skills.

At last, I want to thank my elder sister who encouraged me to set up AppleChineseOnline and I hope you can have a happy experience of studying Chinese with me.

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