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grammarEbook Practical Chinese Grammar (ISBN: 978-1456456115)

Through the years of Chinese teaching and tutorship, I realized that foreign learners need a Chinese grammar book which explains the profound grammatical rules in a simple way. The aim of this book is to help learners to obtain a full-scale improvement of their Chinese level and master the basic grammatical rules and apply them to speaking and reading correctly. Learners will be the center of this book because it explains the grammar rules simply and clearly without difficult terms. It focuses on explaining grammar phenomenon, concluding grammar rules, analyzing grammar correctness and errors, help the learners to improve Chinese level step by step.

    The following points are emphasized in this book:
  • Sentence Types: six types of interrogative sentences and predicate sentences.
  • Sentence Elements: object, attribute, adverbial adjuncts, complement, etc.
  • Pattern Drills.
  • Parts of Speech: measure words, grammatical function of time words, noun of location, particle, verb, preposition, adverb, and pronoun.
  • Other Language Points: 是…的… construction for emphasis; the 把 sentence; the position of 也 and 都; ways to show the year, the day and the days of the week; how to tell time; comparison; ways of expressing approximate numbers.
  • Basic sentence patterns & samples, Key words & sample sentences, Exercises & Answers.

learn Chinese grammarIn this book, I have briefly dealt with the most frequently used grammatical rules and tried to explain them theoretically in a nontechnical way. To facilitate learners’ understanding, I have further illustrated them with many examples. In the examples, pinyin, English translation and Chinese sentences are highlighted with different fonts and patterns in order to call for special attention in the view of the difficulties foreigners may encounter and errors they are liable to make in learning Chinese. The examples are very useful and realistic. Basic grammar exercises and answers are provided at the end of this book to help learners review and consolidate what they have learnt in this book.

This book can be used as a text book for elementary and intermediate learners, suitable for self-study. I sincerely hope you find this book a useful companion which gives a general picture of modern Chinese grammar and guides you in applying the rules correctly. With the help of this Chinese grammar book, you surely can improve your Chinese language ability effectively and quickly.

To purchase this book, please check Amazon-Practical Chinese Grammar for details.

Please take a look at the Sample file.

Common Chinese Words that are Often Confused(ISBN: 978-1495339547)

learn Chinese grammarSimilarly to any language, there are many synonyms and near synonyms in Chinese. Synonyms are words that are same in meaning. Near synonyms are words that are close or similar in meaning but not the same meaning. Synonym and near synonym are different concepts. It is very important to get a clear understanding of this basic concept. Even if the two words are synonyms, in some sentences they are not interchangeable. There are many Chinese synonyms and near synonyms that, when translated into English, there are not much differences, but when they are used in Chinese sentences, the differences are obvious, and vice versa. Some Chinese synonyms and near synonyms are interchangeable while some are not. When they are not interchangeable, they are either not properly used according to codes of Chinese language or different in meaning from the original sentence. If you can master the most important and often misused Chinese synonym and near synonym you will be ahead of most Chinese learners.

This book explains about 200 commonly used Chinese words, including synonyms and near synonyms often misused. Each word was provided with detailed examples and explanations, including English translation for some examples. This book also includes lots of exercises and answers. Learners can master the difficult grammar point—Chinese synonyms and near synonyms in a short time, thus improving their Chinese ability. This book is suitable as a good reference or textbook for basic and middle level Chinese learners.

To purchase this book, please check Amazon-Common Chinese Words that are Often Confused for details.

Please take a look at the Sample file

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